The Primary Focus of our service is the provision of Permanent Recruitment Solutions.

However, given the skills shortages in certain types of skill set we appreciate that for some roles a freelancer/contractor may provide a more timely and flexible solution to being able to bring in a project on time.

In both cases our service offering provides our clients with user friendly human interface onto our extensive database of high calibre individuals and an attraction strategy that provides maximum bandwidth into the relevant pools of available talent.

We treat our candidates with the utmost levels of respect in terms of confidentiality and endeavour to match their technical skills with the right cultural fit.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the sector will streamline the process of identifying the right quality candidates in a timely fashion.

Key to our services are:

  • Promoting a High-Quality Profile of your Company in the Marketplace
  • Being Pro-Active when it comes to candidate sourcing
  • Utilising a Candidate Database of the Highest Quality Talent
  • Reducing your Speed to Hire times
  • Enhancing Client’s Staff Retention levels
  • Pipelining Talent for future needs

As your recruitment partner we will endeavour to build excellent relations with hiring managers by communicating with them in a professional, concise and succinct way to ensure that service levels are kept to a level that will have a positive impact on your business.